To Grace, on your 14th birthday!



You are such a lovely girl.  You are a huge help to me and dad babysitting when we need to run out.  You are also so good at doing the little girls' hair that I often give you that job before we need to leave the house.  

You have taken a huge interest in hair this year and getting highlights was the only thing you wanted for your birthday (other than a phone, which wasn't about to happen!).  You watch hair tutorials all the time and are learning all kinds of new skills.  It is impressive, even more so I think because you've done it on your own.

Watching you grow into this beautiful young woman is so fun and encouraging.  I love that you still come to talk to me about hard stuff and don't shy away too much from difficult conversations.  You have shown great discernment in the books you are reading and the stuff you put into your head.  

I'm proud of you kiddo!


Birthday cake: chocolate chocolate chocolate cake

Birthday Dinner: chicken tenders

Favorite Toys: You don't do toys too much anymore, but you like to play games with us!

Favorite Thing to Play: cards?  You prefer to read!

Least Favorite Thing: not having the autonomy you want sometimes!


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