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To Isaac, on your 7th birthday!

      Isaac,  You are a delight.  It is so fun to watch your mind at work.  You ask a million questions about how everything works and why things are the way they are.  You won't take "ask me later" for an answer and sometimes I have to look things up to be able to tell you because I don't know!  You love to push ALL the buttons, flip the switches, and see how everything works.   You are quick to interact with your brothers and sisters - wanting to play all the games.  You are both a big kid and able to keep up with all the things the twins are doing...but you are also quick to slow down to play with the little girls.  It is fun to watch you and all your brothers and sisters like to be with you! You learned to read this year and you tell me over and over that you like doing reading lessons!  I do too!  It is fun to watch your brain work to solve those puzzles too and just keep trying and learning new things.  I am so impressed with you.    I love you kiddo.  I hope yo