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Thankful Thursdays 2015 #8

Life does not slow down.  Ever.  I think as we get older it just goes faster.  Ah well.  Last Thursday I was busy packing and scrubbing my house since my parents were going to stay here while I spent the weekend in Nashville with the hubs.  It was Awesome.  I'm thankful we had time away because it is just going to keep getting crazier.  Today I packed my hospital bag basics and had the girls pack overnight bags just in case.  Seems early and Abi was VERY disappointed to find out he was not going to be here RIGHT NOW...we talked about how babies decide when to arrive a bit...but she was still not impressed.  Ah well :) 1. I'm thankful for last weekend's getaway.  We hardly ever go anywhere overnight by ourselves and it was nice just to relax and enjoy each other's company and not have a schedule to be on (other than once concert we had tickets for). 2. I am thankful for 36 weeks of uneventful pregnancy.  I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and then am on every week a

Thankful Thursdays 2015 #7

This week...oh, this week.  We have spent most of our days on the couch trying to kick this germ that has infested bodies.  Fortunately other than a sore throat and a bit of a cough, I'm doing alright which allows me to care for everyone else better.  The downside is all these poor little people want to be cuddle (and cough in my face) and there is only so much lap left at this point.  Fortunately as they are getting better they want to get up and run so they are taking turns pretty well :) Things I'm thankful for... 1. That my refining process isn't done yet.  Oh my, I love where I'm at compared to where I've been but I want to see where I'm going.  I just hate some of my attitudes and initial responses and I'm hoping those continue to be refined. 2. I am thankful for the doctors taking JJ's sickness seriously, telling me I've done the right things and working on getting this under control.  I am an under-reacting mom, I will own that but I am


Today i sit on the floor of the living room, typing on a keyboard and watching it show up on my phone.  I'm wishing i could lay on my stomach to type because wouldn't that be easier, but wouldn't that also mean this baby had arrived and then who has time for writing any way. I told my mom i was feeling sentimental about my kids.  She said that she could tell from the pictures i'd been posting.  I feel like i have been doing so much better savoring the moments...and when they are all sick and cuddly that forces a slow down.  But i love Levi's little dimples, J's hilarious expressions, Abi's random thoughts and Grace's thoughtful "I have two things to ask you.  First of all..." Will I grow tired of that?  Is there a certain number of children a heart can handle until it becomes too full and there isn't more room for memories and attention spans and distractions?  Is there a time when instead of feeling like a blessing with a touch of over

Naptime, Nonsense and Not losing my mind

I started writing this last week but never had time to read it again to make sure it didn't say anything here you go.  (Side note: this week has been SO much better...amazing what a refocus can do) This has been a HARD week.  Hard.  Ya know, like when you just can't get ahead and you have to have a root canal and everything seems like SUCH a big deal.  Yeah, one of those. Last week I messaged a couple friends that I needed help.  The hours between naps and bedtime were killing me.  I was exhausted and the kids were full of energy.  I don't want to be a passive mom, but I honestly just can't fully engage when I'm that worn out either.  So I asked them, HOW DO I MAKE IT? Here is what I'm doing this week... First of all, we are back in routine.  No spending the night at Grandma's, no last minute root canals, frankly - no leaving the house if I can help it.  Second, I started turning the heat down to 63 at nap time and night time.  I love it..

Thankful Thursdays 2015 #6

I missed a week.  And while I knew about it and I was bummed about it, I've given myself the grace to move on with my life.  Thank you for understanding :)  I feel like I'm finally in that season of life where if I fall short of my own goals, I can be ok with that.  I'm not saying I don't try and I don't do my best but I'm not going to hold myself to some arbitrary standard and beat myself up for it.  Life is too short for that. This week I'm thankful for... 1. My husband.  He is one of those guys who I fell in love with and have fallen more in love with since then.  For our anniversary he bought me a glider (like a rocking chair but way better for those that are not familiar) and roses.  He knows what delights my heart and I appreciate that so much about him.  He also came home today with two dressers for the boys room and a baby swing because he knew they were on my list of 'needs'.  I'm thankful for the way he takes care of us and provides