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To Grace, on your 12th Birthday!

  Grace, You are twelve!!  How did that happen?  It seems like just the other day that you were a teeny tiny and I'm not ready for you to be a teenager.  However, if you continue the way you're going I think you're going to be an amazing teen so I am not dreading it either.  This year we'll make sure you're prepared for the teen years!   You have a lot of discernment for a 12 year old.  You are quick to let me know when things seem off - in a movie, in a book, out in the world.  You are learning where to draw the line on all the things and it is fun (and hard!) to watch you wrestle with all the comes at you.  I appreciate how quickly you bring things to my attention and how you stand up for what is right. You are staring at me as I type this...I wonder if you know how proud of you I am.  I hope so.  One day when you read this perhaps you'll remember this moment.  You are a lovely young lady and I am so glad to be your mom.   You are quick to help with your broth

To Timothy, On your 5th Birthday!

  Timothy, You are a sweet, sassy, mischievous, stubborn kiddo.  You are a delight and a treasure.  You keep me on my toes with your antics but you always win me over with your giant grin.  You are strong willed and apparently, you are a lot like I was as a kid.   I am delighted to see how you are growing and changing.  You are learning to think of others more, apologize quicker, and you speak up for those who are mistreated.  You are kind especially to Faith and teaching her to love others well.  Watching the two of you hug and be sweet makes me so happy. You still love to sit with me and you ask me a lot if we can "have a conversation" but you never pronounce it right and I'm never going to correct you.  You love to sing songs from K-Love (There's Joy In The House of the Lord is a favorite) and you get SO excited about going to church to see your teacher and class. I am so thankful for you young man and cannot wait to see how you grow!  Love always, Mama  Birthday