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To Abi, on your 10th Birthday!

  Abigail, You are my quietest, most introverted child and I love that I understand your ways :)  You are thoughtful and considerate, quick to look out for your brothers and sisters.  You seem to delight in teaching them and protecting them.  You entertain them as well.  You say you want to be an engineer, but I could see you being a teacher or a counselor one day too.  You are empathetic and feel things quite deeply. You are fire-y too though when you get worked up. You do not like being teased or taken advantage of, who does?  You will fight back when provoked and I love that you don't let people walk all over you.  You are creative and a problem solver and you come up with brilliant ideas. You are currently loving to sew and have made clothing for your dolls, your sister, and all kinds of little things.  I have no idea how long it will last, but you are enjoying it for now!   Abigail, I am so proud of who you are right now.  I can't wait to see who you are going to become bu

To Faith, On your 3rd birthday!

  Faith,  You are a delight and a whirlwind.  You are sweetness and energy and joy all balled up in one tiny girl.  You have crazy curls, a quick grin, and a sassy side you aren't afraid to let show.  You keep me on my toes!  You love to play with the big girls and often go to their room to put on makeup...most often when they aren't in there and you aren't allowed.  You play with Abi as often as you can but basically everyone is your favorite.  You can spend hours coloring or working on your "school binder" of coloring pages and stickers.  Play-doh makes you happy and you have stopped eating it!  You are easily my best sleeper and lately have done a great job showing Rachel how big girls sleep!  You tell me regularly "I do me-self!" and don't want help with anything lately.  That's ok though, you are mastering some great skills even though it does make things a bit more messy and a bit more slow. You LOVE baths and you love to swing outside.  Yo