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To Grace, on your 13th Birthday!

  Grace,  Happy teenage years!  Hopefully they are happy - I pray regularly that your teen years would be filled with joy and that you would blossom during these years.  I remember teenage years being a rough time and I am so glad that you and I have a solid relationship with you so I can help you through it.  I have things to say, but since this is technically a public post, I won't go too deep, but I am thankful that you are learning about relationships gently.  You are learning about friendships, trust, and how to navigate all these things well.  I am so proud of your maturity and how you've walked through this stuff so far. One of my favorite memories with you this past year was going to Skyview Ranch on winter retreat.  I got to watch you ride a horse (that tried to roll over on you!), make new friends, be brave, try new things, and be grown up.  We talked about how I wasn't there to hang out with you, just to keep an eye on things since I didn't know these people

To Timothy, on your 6th Birthday

 Tim-boy, You are becoming such a sweet kid.  I am so thankful to watch you grow up.  You have changed so much over the past year.  You had a little bit of a stubborn year but are starting to be a little calmer in your approach to life.  You still LOVE dinosaurs.  I bought you a Dino Encyclopedia for your birthday and I am so surprised how many your recognized from the pictures.  It is still my favorite when you tell me that I am pronouncing them wrong! You come downstairs in the morning and say "Good morning mom" and then stand by my chair until I scoot over so you can sit with me.  And of course, instead of walking around to the front, you climb over the arm.   You like to play video games with your brothers and you like watching movies with your dad.  You really like Jurassic Park and Avenger movies.   You are becoming such a good reader and you do a great job on your school work.  Listening to you sound out words and figure out stories makes me so happy.   I love you kidd