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To Rachel, on your 3rd birthday!

  Rae,  You are my sunshine, my Rae of sunshine!  That is your absolute favorite song to sing with and to me.  It's lovely.  You're lovely.  You have such a big personality and it has been so fun to watch.  You love to draw - sometimes even all over your body in marker.  You like when your sisters do your nails and you love to twirl in dresses.  You also love to play in the dirt and aren't afraid of a mess.   You love to play with the big kids, doing anything that they will include you in.  Abi loves to do crafts, Grace will do your nails, and the boys treat you like a little princess, most of the time!  You are a delight and a joy and it is obvious by the way your siblings enjoy being around you. I am proud of you, chicky, and I can't wait to keep watching you grow! Love, Mama Birthday cake: 6 layer cake, dyed rainbow colors!  Birthday Dinner: hamburgers and french fries Favorite Toys: coloring and playdough Favorite Thing to Play: anything with siblings Least Fa