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To Timothy on your 3rd Birthday!

Timothy, You my boy are full of life.  You are loud and joyful and fun.  You are easy going except for when you are not.  You love all things dinosaurs - they are your absolute favorite.  You like to play in dirt and make huge messes.  You are learning independence and how to do things for yourself...which sometimes turns out well! The swings are your favorite place to be. You like to hide in cabinets and make us search for you.  You also like to find a quiet place to play your tablet and hope no one figures it out.  You are getting so big and strong and like to tell me that you're a big boy!  (And you are!)  I'm so thrilled to be your momma and grateful for the little man you are growing into! Love always, Momma Birthday cake:  Chocolate cake, orange T-Rex Birthday Dinner: Favorite Toys: DINOSAURS Favorite Thing to Play:  Imaginative things - magnatiles, blocks, dinosaurs Least Favorite Thing: Bedtime and Naptime :)