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To Isaac, on your 8th Birthday!

Isaac,  I am so so proud of you!  I have so much enjoyed getting to spend even more time with you as we are working on school this year.  You understand so much, so quickly and it is fun to see these things, especially math, come easy to you.  You often look like you aren't paying attention then surprise me with a spot on answer!  You are a joy and a delight!  You are so great at building Legos and following the instructions for those - but you show so much creativity when you build things all on your own!  Papa told you that he no longer considers you one of the little kids, but includes you in the big kids now - you show responsibility and self control and I love to see the privileges that come with that!  You are so quick with a hug and often ask me to stop to give you one - I love it!  You'll still hold my hand when we go out and are quick to give me a kiss as well.  You are definitely a big kid though, able to do so much without me!  I am so grateful for who you are and y