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My Life Right Now

Woman at Starbucks: Is this your first baby? Me: No, it's my 6th. Woman: *literally takes a step back* WOAH! You do NOT look like you've already had five babies! Congratulations! Me: We can be friends. I currently have five kiddos walking around with me in my day to day life.  Their ages are 6, 4, 2, 2, and 1. I am also seven months pregnant with my next little one.  All of this brings about quite a bit of attention and both pleasant and unpleasant comments.  The above is an example of a pleasant comment and since I'm in a good mood and don't feel like ranting we will just leave the unpleasant ones for another day.  My life right now is pretty awesome.  Four of the kids are coming up on birthdays.  That is always a fun season.  In the smaller ones it is also a time of frustrating growth of wants and desires without the physical or verbal skills to go with it.  They catch up but it can create a few weeks or months of chaos.  Worth it though.  They are all gen