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To Rachel, on your first birthday!

 Rachel, You are a delightful ray of sunshine.  You are quick to smile and laugh.  You say DADA and YEAH with ease but you refuse to say mama.  It's fine.  :) You have slept poorly most of your first year but I try to remember you will soon be big and not wake to cuddle with me.  You usually start the night in our room, move to your room with Faith, and end up back in our room before the night is over.  You'll get there.   You have been walking since about 8 months old and you are so so tall!  You have enough hair for a teeny pony tail on top of your head and I think you have some curls in there!  You love my cell phone but have also recently become attached to your pink blanket and a baby doll.  Whenever we let you wander the room you share with Faith you think you are a big shot.   You are starting to get frustrated with being kept in the TV room and feel like you have a right to wander the house.  You eat a variety of things but you love meat and make these crazy lip smacki