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Christmas for the Kiddos

Ya'll, I am almost done Christmas shopping for my kids.  All SEVEN of them.  In fact, the only two things I have left to buy are on my Amazon wish list and I'm just hoping for a price drop in the next week or so.  Other than that, kiddos are done.  (Picking adult gifts isn't quite as much fun.)  I'm doubly happy because this year I think the kids will be excited about all their gifts...honestly, last year was kind of a bust in the kid gift department. Christmas for seven kids is really quite simply.  It starts with a grid on a piece of paper - one line for each kid and three empty columns.  Yeah, that means exactly what it sounds like - each child gets three gifts each generally.  By the time I've gotten this far I have a rough guess what my top budget number is going to be an assign a flexible number to each kid.  As I write down my ideas and research costs, these numbers fluctuate a bit.  So ideas get written down in each open spot, again, three per kid.  When