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To Jacob, on your 4th birthday

Jacob - You are one serious little man.  You seem to think deeply and thoroughly about things.  And like it or not, we know your opinions!  I think you are starting to realize that you are bigger than your brothers which seems to be fun for you.  But even though you can push them around you don't too much outside of play.  You love when the girls pull you aside for a special activity - coloring, building a fort, working on a project. You built a lego house this morning that was AWESOME.  You are getting to big and so good at doing some of those things on your own without help.  You were the one who told me you could get yourself dressed now and didn't need my help (most days).  You are also super sweet and give me about 20 kisses and at least two hugs before I leave you at school or if I leave the house. You still warm up to people slowly and don't like to be told you "have" to give hugs...or talk to anyone for that matter.  But people you know and love mak

To Levi, on your 4th Birthday

Levi - You are one hilarious little man.  Seriously.  All day long.  You have these sneaky smiles and side eyes that you do.  Especially when you know you shouldn't and then you flash that grin and think you can get away with anything.  You're nuts and I love you.  You recently retired your Paw Patrol hat that you have been wearing for the better part of the last year.  We replaced it with a Spider Man hat.  It was going to be for your birthday, but we decided that just because was better. You like to say "MOM - talk to me.  I need you to talk to me please." when you feel ignored.  It cracks me up...and occasionally makes me feel bad :)  You think your brother Timothy is awesome.  You love playing with your sisters - doing crafts and building forts with them.  Jacob you just seem to like to beat up but I'm sure that phase will pass. You love all things Super Hero.  You seem to be in a big Iron Man phase right now.  And you tell me when you eat all your dinn