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The Week I Forgot Who I Was and Had a Meltdown

(Disclaimer: This is slightly melodramatic) Two weeks ago we had a fun week.  Monday was our first meeting of our home school co-op group.  (Read cooperative learning...we each take turns teaching things/caring for kids).  This meant a rushed morning, late nap times and lots of new faces.  Tuesday we did a field trip to Carillon park...which was awesome.  I want to go back without the kids so I can soak more of it up.  It was just really neat and the weather was beautiful.  Wednesday we were home during the day but had a date that night.  Thursday I had scheduled a play date - meaning I took my kids to the park to play with some other kids while I spent some needed time talking to a woman who encourages me to grow my soul.  I needed that soul food.  Friday night, I lost my mind. Seriously.  Ya'll, I spent most of Friday fighting tears.  The kids were acting up, I was lost as how to get them back to normal.  I felt completely spent and ready to just stay in bed for a week.  Then

To Grace, on your sixth birthday!

Grace, Can we just talk for a minute?  Six?  Really?!?  Can you just stay 5?  I can't even handle how fast you are growing up.  You are such a joy!  You are an amazing little girl.  You are smart, you are helpful and you are sweet.  Your favorite things to do are help me and play with your siblings.  You are in first grade and learning a lot.  Right now you love science and history.  We'll see how that goes as you get older (those were mom's two least favorite subjects!).  I'm certain that you will continue to shine.  You are developing an awesome sense of humor and lately you've been saying things "freak you out" which is just hilarious to hear you say!  I am so thankful for this in between stage where you aren't a baby any more, but you aren't too big for mom to hold you.  I love getting to cuddle with you and tell stories.  Don't get too big for me ok?  I love you so much and am crazy proud of you...even if you refuse to stay five for me :