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To Grace on your 10th Birthday

Grace, You are my mini-me.  You think and look and act like me.  It is so cool to watch and scary all at the same time!  You are growing up into a beautiful, thoughtful young lady.  You care about people around you and want things to be done well.  You get frustrated by the noise sometimes and by people not doing things how you would do them, but you are generally quite gracious with them anyway. You take care of your rabbits every day.  I am so proud of how much attention you give them and how well you take care of them! You are a hard worker in all you do and it is inspiring to me!  I can't wait to watch your character continue to develop and see how amazing you are going to be in the future.  I know that ten can be such a rough age when you want to be treated more grown up but seem stuck in a lot of 'kid' roles.  Hang in there lady and don't rush it.  You'll be grown soon enough so keep laughing, playing and being a kid as long as you can (says your momma wh