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New Year, Same Me

Almost sounds depressing doesn't it?  Really, it is just a testament that I have learned fairly well who I am, how I work and what suits me best.  What doesn't work is a list of all the things I'm going to change starting on some magic date that is never today.  So, I didn't write resolutions.  I didn't ponder over a word for the year.  I am just making some tweaks to my existence that will help me embrace who I am better and serve my family better.  Here are some things I am changing... 1. Getting up at 6:30am to run. I'm not a fan of mornings but I can only complain so long about how I need to run before something has to change.  So I am up and at it early. I am usually showered and downstairs by 7:45am so Aaron can take his turn running.  We also decided to get the boys up earlier to embrace their early bird mentality and start the day off calmly with them.  So then I get my turn to hang out with them...usually try to do my quiet time while they take tu