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To Grace, on your 8th Birthday

Grace, Grace Louise, you are me.  I'm so sorry! :)  You have so many of the same mannerisms and behaviors that I do, it is crazy.  I watch you and I see me.  It is honestly a great reminder that you are watching who I am and that I need to do my best.  You are 8 years old.  I can't handle it.  I have been your Momma for 8 years!  You are in that awkward (one of your favorite words) stage of not being grown up but not being little.  You want to be treated like an adult most of the time but you love playing superheroes with your brothers too.  This is a hard age and I hope I help you walk through it well. You are sweet and loving.  You adore Timothy and your other brothers.  You and Abi are best friends - even though you pick on each other a lot.  You need me less and less for the "do stuff for me" things but more and more for the heart things.  I love it.  You are a wonderful young lady and I am so blessed to be your mom! Love, Momma For your birthday din

To Timothy, on your 1st Birthday

Timothy, Tim Tim, Timmy, we call you so many things!  You have MASTERED "So big!" and throw your hands up on command.  You also throw your hands up and look at us expectantly for approval and for us to say "So big!" then you squeal with delight.  You wave bye bye and say Mama and Dada...although mostly Dada when you're being cute and Mama in the wee small hours of the nights. You just started walking a few days ago.  None of your brothers figured out how to walk before they were one.  You're ahead of the game!  You have the best bright smile and big blue eyes.  You often look surprised.  You like to bite my legs when I'm sitting on a chair - particularly if I'm not paying enough attention to you.  You also LOVE to pull hair.  Any one's hair.  And the more the squirm the funnier you think it is.  (Just a note, we don't think it's funny! :) ) You are the "best baby" at church most of the time...although they probably say tha

To Abi, on Your 6th Birthday!

Abi Ann, Oh my goodness I love you.  You have so much spunk and spirit you delight my soul!  You are quick with a smile, to help, and to love the people around you.  You are a great fort builder and come up with awesome fun things to do with your brothers!  You like to color and create all day long!  Pink is your favorite color.  You are reading like a champ and starting to read harder books.  You are doing first grade school work and I'm so proud of you for trying so hard!  You are still crazy stubborn, but more and more I'm seeing you be stubborn about GOOD things and I'm so thankful for that!  You like to have quiet space as much as you love being around people.  You often put other people ahead of yourself and it delights me to see you serving.  You also LOVE to be with your big sister doing all the big kid things.  Ya'll are best buds and I hope you stay that way! Abi, I could not be more proud of the young lady you are becoming.  All the sudden you look so o