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To Jacob, on your second birthday!

Jake, I love you kid.  You have the best giggle/smile combo around.  I LOVE when you laugh so hard you can't catch your breath.  You live life completely in every moment and feel all sorts of emotions.  You take in everything you see it seems like.  You take awhile to warm up to people but when you do, you are very loyal.  You love going to Grandma and Papa's house and usually tell me "Papa papa papa" all the way there.  You have SO many words and get so excited when I repeat back what you are trying to tell me.  You are very gentle but aren't afraid to shout "mine!" when the situation needs it.  I'm so proud of you!  You, my little man, have figured out that if you push real hard against Levi's bed you can get close enough to the light switch to turn it on.  Stinker.  You know what you want and when you want it.  I pray you use that stubbornness to serve the Lord when you get bigger.  I'm thankful for you little boy.  My Baby "B"

To Levi, on your second birthday!

Levi, Please buddy - just stay little!  You my love are a heart breaker with those blue eyes and dimples.  You have such a sweet little smile people let you get away with all sorts of stuff.  You are mischievous and into everything.  You explore and create.  You are obsessed with bags and putting things in and out of them.  You, my little one, if you continue like this will be an innovator.  You won't be afraid to try new things and fear of failure won't stop you - people telling you no won't stop you either ;)  You're a daredevil and love to taunt me from the top of very tall slides.  Fortunately, you haven't gone down by yourself yet but my boy, that day is coming and I hope you fly down it and land on your feet.  You adore your little brother and are so sweet with him.  You give me hugs and kisses every day and are a loving little man.  You LOVE to scream BYE when daddy leaves for the day and you get very excited about bananas.  I love you little boy.  My pra