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To Jacob, on your 7th birthday!

  Jacob! You are such a fun, energetic kid!  You are so animated and full of life.  You are a loud kiddo and excited about everything.  It has been so fun to see you just get this huge personality.  You are doing so well in school and whip through your work like it is no big deal.  I am always so impressed with you! You  are quick to ask if you can help me with what I am working on and you love to play with Faith.  You don't like when I don't want help though!  You are reading so well and it is fun to see you learning new things all the time!  You like to play video games on your tablet and the Nintendo, build forts and play outside.  It is not unusual for you to lead the charge asking to play outside!   You are creative and fun.  You are competitive and kind.  You are helpful, quick to think of others and a joy.   You are thoughtful, methodical, and a great problem solver! I love you my boy, and I am so glad to be your mom. Love always, Momma Birthday cake: "J Bear"

To Levi, on your 7th birthday!

  Levi James, You are a great kid. You are always full of energy and joy.  You LOVE apples and eat at least one, if not two daily.  You are constantly looking for ways to be helpful and enjoy making your little sisters laugh.  You are doing great in school and just finished reading a 100+ page comic book.  Who knew you would love to read!   You also love video games, especially Zebra Gamer, and telling your dad how to play.  You soak up knowledge and content quickly and it is impressive to see.  You still like taking naps/rests and do better when you've had some quiet time in your day.  You are thoughtful in how your treat people and how you interact.  One of your favorite things to do is disappear with Abi to create art and games.  Your imagination is fun!  You love taking pictures and making videos on your tablet too! I am so very proud of you young man and look forward to another year with you!  Love, Mom Birthday cake: Chocolate with chocolate frosting, stars and "Happy B