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FAQ: How do you get places on time?

I get asked all the time how I manage to get places on time.  It cracks me up because people seem to think I am super organized or have this method of getting out the door on time since we are generally on time people.  Not the case! It starts with mindset.  I don't think my time is more valuable than yours, so I don't want to keep you waiting.  I also don't like missing out or feeling rushed so being on time is a priority...more than those extra 15 minutes of sleep!  I also give myself the grace to know that sometimes we just aren't going to be on time, but that should be the exception not the norm. So how do I do it?  Simple really!  I start by studying my people and knowing how long it takes me to get from point A to point Z getting out the door.  And as a side note, breaking it down into little chunks helps because I can estimate better when I can get places that spring up based on where we are at in our getting ready process.  So lets say we are starting from

All the Questions People Ask

Even before I had my own big family I wanted to watch and see how it worked.  Preferably with ear plugs because big families are loud.  :)   Now I have my own big family and it is fairly normal to me but people ask me all the time how I do certain things.  I need to hit some of these topics in upcoming posts. Things like... How do you get places on time? How do you handle all the laundry? How do you handle all the cooking? How do you get everyone dressed for the day? (I've got lots of littles!) How do you homeschool? What does a normal day look like? What kind of car do you drive? (Is it bad I don't know specifically?  I should check!) How do you work? How do you handle ministry requirements? Ya know, those sorts of things!  So that is what I'm going to start working on.  Partially because I think it's fun to share.  Partially because I want to remember.  Partially because I need some sort of topic list or I am never going to get around to writing!  Sooooo.