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One day at a time...

Experiencing a major life event often draws me back to the keyboard.  This place to write and think and process.  I get in a mode where I want to remember, document, explain, teach, encourage, feel.  All those things that get stirred up when there is a jolt to the normal.  It makes the normal seem much more significant. Right now?  Right now I am getting through a day at a time.  Grief is hard because it comes and goes in waves and is often quite unexpected.  I know certain songs will move me to tears just with the first few words.  Other times I am able to sing and praise knowing that God is in control.  I walk through the grocery store and have those thoughts of another baby blanket, or bottles will only be packed away for a short time...except neither of those things are needed now.  And I pause. Wednesday I discussed the goodness of God....and wept.  Thursday I got my hair and nails done...knowing I was simply trying outwardly to feel normal again.  Friday I prepared for a wed