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Wrapping Up First Grade

Grace is wrapping up first grade.  Seriously.  We will be posting our end of the year picture soon.  It seems like it went really fast!  She has done a great job and I'm predicting will be my easiest to school, however I'm hoping I get a couple more easy ones!  She is at the point now where she needs a little direction but since she reads so well can work pretty independently.  It is a beautiful thing.  Depending on the lessons I do science and history with her, but not always.  She is big.  I would say this year in homeschooling has cost less than $100.  We purchased a reading book through her schooling program so that she was not reading online all the time.  We also purchased a math curriculum that was right around $60 for first through third grade.  Since we'll finish about halfway through that (smarty pants) that's about $30 for this year's program.  Our other "big" expense was printing her math and spelling/grammer/practice workbooks.  We have a c

To Isaac, On your first birthday!

Isaac, Kiddo I love you.  You are a happy, sweet kiddo and I am so thankful we have you.  You are quick with a smile and a delight.  You like to wrestle your brothers and be loved on by your sisters.  You and Levi are best buds - he still likes to "hold" you even though you are almost as big as he is.  You like to play with cars, steal things from your brothers and try to walk.  You also like to nose dive off my lap because you think flipping over is hilarious. I'm so thankful that we have you - seriously, most families don't get a fifth kid and I can't imagine not having your grin in my life.  Thank you for being a sweet little man. Love, Mommy For your birthday dinner we had: Brisket that daddy cooked for 24 hours!  (Ok, not quite but almost) Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, Aunt Becki, Maddie, Miss Aleni and Aunt Janet all came over (and your daddy, me and your brothers and sisters) For your birthday cake you had: A gumball machine! Your favorite