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To Jacob, on your 9th birthday

  Jacob, You are a joy.  You have so much have these big ideas that are sometimes brilliant and sometimes completely wacky.  I never know what is going to come out of your mouth and you keep me on my toes.  You are very concerned with things being fair and equal and you are learning that is not how life always is.  You are often very literal in your thinking which leads to some pretty interesting conclusions.  You are a great problem solver and you often think through things differently than how I might.  I am learning so much from you as I see you interact with the world.  You are constant motion and are often moving, tapping, or talking.   You have a crazy ability to remember song lyrics and the titles and artists.  I am pretty sure you have K-Love's playlist memorized!  You retain information well and when you put your mind to it, you do a great job at your school work.  I think you really enjoy having the freedom to do your math online and not have to wait for me. 

To Levi, on your 9th birthday

  Levi,  You are an awesome kid.  I am so thankful to watch you grow and learn.  I feel like this year you have really just blossomed in your efforts to be thoughtful and helpful.  You've gone out of your way to help your sisters and help me out.  You also are so good with Lily - always willing to help, take her out, and help train her.  You are so fun.  You are full of energy, always awake early and you just GO all day.  You love to play Nintendo, hate to take rests, and enjoy building Legos.  You are creative in how you solve problems and often think quickly.  You LOVE a good joke and often crack me up with things you are coming up with. School has been good for you this year.  You are doing really well with your math on the computer and I think you like the freedom of doing it yourself.  You have managed to be in charge of the dishwasher most mornings and often will start breakfast for me too. We went to the zoo recently and you were so brave going on rides and trying new things