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Heading Into the New Year: Goals for 2016

I used to make resolutions - but now I just set goals.  It works better for my life.  I also try to keep them minimal.  It's become popular the last few years to pick a word for the year, so I did that too.  Here goes... My Word:  BOLD (Brave, Fearless, Confident) I feel like this is one of those God things where in conversations with Him I have clearly heard that I am too timid in many cases.  I am confident of the ministry and calling on my life and I don't have to apologize for that.  So I will bodly do the work He has given me to do and not live in fear of what ifs or what could have beens. Goals... To read a minimum of one book a month.  I have a few picked out - Beth Moore's new book, Jen Hatmaker's For the Love and a few others.  I need recommendations for the others.  But I want to read books that will challenge how I think, how I act or how I feel.  Easy readers and fiction are good too, but my goal is for 12 books that will specifically challenge me in

Heading Into The New Year: Thoughts on Babies

I've been meaning to sit and write this for awhile - mostly because starting in the last couple weeks I've been asked multiple times, randomly, if I was pregnant.  I'm not (at least not that I know of right now).  It makes me laugh though because this is the time of year we usually make our announcements - except for Isaac, little rebel.  One week I missed church because I was sick.  Only one person asked me if I was pregnant...apparently a bunch asked Aaron.  Frankly, this makes me think people are excited about our babies or wanting to giggle at us when we walk away - but I'm going to assume the former. Here is why I write this, and I think I've addressed this before...some answers to common questions we get about our family... ...YES, we know how it happens. ...NO, we are not trying to beat my mother in law or anybody else. ...NO, we are not trying to have a bunch of kids. ...NO, I do not have insane patience...just ask my kids. ...NO, we ABSOLUTELY do