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Thankful Thursdays Top 10 - #3

This summer feels like it has been hard.  We have dealt with a lot of sickness, especially with Faith.  There seems to be quite a it of turmoil around and it is just taking it's toll on our family but I am feeling it especially and struggling a bit to keep my happy face on.  The reality is that most of my discontentment comes from selfishness and that is usually stemming from a lack of thankfulness.  So here I sit, when I have a pile of things to work through, writing out reasons why I am thankful in the midst of the unrest in my soul. 1. I am thankful that although Faith has been sick frequently, I am learning slowly how to trust the Lord with her health.  I am also learning how to communicate well with Aaron, and him with me, during the emotional times when we have to make decisions about treatment. 2. I am thankful for summer study with Dayton Women in the Word.  This takes the focus of my quiet time during the summer, keeps me on a schedule, and gives structure to the Word