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To Jacob, on your 8th birthday!

 Jacob, I am watching you throw airplanes right now and you are passionate about things being fair.  I think that will serve you well in the future as you look out for the people around you and all the people in your life.  You care if people get equal turns and opportunities...and equal numbers of waffles and hot chocolate packets. You are such a creative problem solver.  You look at problems differently than I do so many times and I'm always impressed with what you come up with.  This is also going to continue to serve you well.  You will be so valuable to whatever job you decide to pursue because you'll come up with solutions that other people don't see.   You are content with being you and while you like having friends, I have never seen you change who you are to please them.  You are strong and smart and determined.  You like to build things and you LOVE to dance and sing to K-Love with your little sisters.  I love hearing you sing and I love to watch you play with the

To Levi, On your 8th birthday!

 Levi,  You are the kiddo that made me a boy mom.  Who knew you guys would be so darn cool.  I am so glad to be your momma - my heart is so happy today.  You are such a strong leader.  You have great ideas and I love the way you think through problems you see.  You are creative and passionate and you delight in so many things.  Lately I have seen you working on Legos and building sets more and more.  Your persistence and the way you slow down to figure out the instructions is awesome.  You don't give up easily and you are learning to ask for help when you need it.   You love to steal my phone to take pictures - often awkward selfies - or to call Grandma and Papa.  She still thinks you're awesome for calling her on Grandparent's Day.   You are so quick to help with chores or your little sisters (and brothers).  You see problems and try to solve them.  You are still my early riser - often awake before I am (and I get up at 6:30!).  You help with the dishwasher every morning a

To Grace, on your 12th Birthday!

  Grace, You are twelve!!  How did that happen?  It seems like just the other day that you were a teeny tiny and I'm not ready for you to be a teenager.  However, if you continue the way you're going I think you're going to be an amazing teen so I am not dreading it either.  This year we'll make sure you're prepared for the teen years!   You have a lot of discernment for a 12 year old.  You are quick to let me know when things seem off - in a movie, in a book, out in the world.  You are learning where to draw the line on all the things and it is fun (and hard!) to watch you wrestle with all the comes at you.  I appreciate how quickly you bring things to my attention and how you stand up for what is right. You are staring at me as I type this...I wonder if you know how proud of you I am.  I hope so.  One day when you read this perhaps you'll remember this moment.  You are a lovely young lady and I am so glad to be your mom.   You are quick to help with your broth

To Timothy, On your 5th Birthday!

  Timothy, You are a sweet, sassy, mischievous, stubborn kiddo.  You are a delight and a treasure.  You keep me on my toes with your antics but you always win me over with your giant grin.  You are strong willed and apparently, you are a lot like I was as a kid.   I am delighted to see how you are growing and changing.  You are learning to think of others more, apologize quicker, and you speak up for those who are mistreated.  You are kind especially to Faith and teaching her to love others well.  Watching the two of you hug and be sweet makes me so happy. You still love to sit with me and you ask me a lot if we can "have a conversation" but you never pronounce it right and I'm never going to correct you.  You love to sing songs from K-Love (There's Joy In The House of the Lord is a favorite) and you get SO excited about going to church to see your teacher and class. I am so thankful for you young man and cannot wait to see how you grow!  Love always, Mama  Birthday

To Abi, on your 10th Birthday!

  Abigail, You are my quietest, most introverted child and I love that I understand your ways :)  You are thoughtful and considerate, quick to look out for your brothers and sisters.  You seem to delight in teaching them and protecting them.  You entertain them as well.  You say you want to be an engineer, but I could see you being a teacher or a counselor one day too.  You are empathetic and feel things quite deeply. You are fire-y too though when you get worked up. You do not like being teased or taken advantage of, who does?  You will fight back when provoked and I love that you don't let people walk all over you.  You are creative and a problem solver and you come up with brilliant ideas. You are currently loving to sew and have made clothing for your dolls, your sister, and all kinds of little things.  I have no idea how long it will last, but you are enjoying it for now!   Abigail, I am so proud of who you are right now.  I can't wait to see who you are going to become bu

To Faith, On your 3rd birthday!

  Faith,  You are a delight and a whirlwind.  You are sweetness and energy and joy all balled up in one tiny girl.  You have crazy curls, a quick grin, and a sassy side you aren't afraid to let show.  You keep me on my toes!  You love to play with the big girls and often go to their room to put on makeup...most often when they aren't in there and you aren't allowed.  You play with Abi as often as you can but basically everyone is your favorite.  You can spend hours coloring or working on your "school binder" of coloring pages and stickers.  Play-doh makes you happy and you have stopped eating it!  You are easily my best sleeper and lately have done a great job showing Rachel how big girls sleep!  You tell me regularly "I do me-self!" and don't want help with anything lately.  That's ok though, you are mastering some great skills even though it does make things a bit more messy and a bit more slow. You LOVE baths and you love to swing outside.  Yo

To Rachel, on your first birthday!

 Rachel, You are a delightful ray of sunshine.  You are quick to smile and laugh.  You say DADA and YEAH with ease but you refuse to say mama.  It's fine.  :) You have slept poorly most of your first year but I try to remember you will soon be big and not wake to cuddle with me.  You usually start the night in our room, move to your room with Faith, and end up back in our room before the night is over.  You'll get there.   You have been walking since about 8 months old and you are so so tall!  You have enough hair for a teeny pony tail on top of your head and I think you have some curls in there!  You love my cell phone but have also recently become attached to your pink blanket and a baby doll.  Whenever we let you wander the room you share with Faith you think you are a big shot.   You are starting to get frustrated with being kept in the TV room and feel like you have a right to wander the house.  You eat a variety of things but you love meat and make these crazy lip smacki

To Isaac, on your sixth birthday!

  Isaac,  You are a delight!  You are such a quiet, considerate kid and it is so fun to be your momma.  You hate when I leave and wait by the back door to give me at least one, but sometimes five, hugs and kisses good bye.  You want to know exactly when I'll be back and why do I need to leave anyway?  You play so well with all your brothers and sister, you hate being left out, and you almost always have gum in your mouth. It has been a joy to watch you mature this past year - your behavior, obedience, and consideration of others has all grown remarkably.  You are my kid most likely to be found happily playing alone and Legos are almost always your toy of choice.   You are so sweet with Rachel and Faith. You love to 'wrestle' Rae and forget that she is so much smaller than you.  You do so well with your school work when I can convince you to stop playing for a few minutes to get it done!   Young man, I love you and I am SO SO proud of you.  You're such a delight! Love al