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To Isaac, on your Second Birthday!

Isaac, Kiddo - you are a delight!  You are the happiest, most calm kid I've ever hard.  You are only upset when you have ear infections (which you had pretty frequently in the past year, sorry bud) but otherwise you almost always are smiling.  Right now you really like to bite - you're playing but it hurts!  :)  Fortunately your cute and are usually giggling at the same time.  Your words are developing fast.  It is amazing how much more you say now than just a few months ago.  Your big brothers can't decide if they're going to push you around or let you push them around.  It's pretty funny.  You love Timothy and call him "Baby".  You give him kisses a lot too.  You, my dear boy, are such a sweet kid and I am thankful that you're mine!! Love, Momma For your birthday dinner we are having: Lemon ricotta pancakes that daddy is making with bacon and eggs.  Grandma and Papa will be here for dinner too!  For your birthday cake you had: A "2