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To Jacob, on your 8th birthday!

 Jacob, I am watching you throw airplanes right now and you are passionate about things being fair.  I think that will serve you well in the future as you look out for the people around you and all the people in your life.  You care if people get equal turns and opportunities...and equal numbers of waffles and hot chocolate packets. You are such a creative problem solver.  You look at problems differently than I do so many times and I'm always impressed with what you come up with.  This is also going to continue to serve you well.  You will be so valuable to whatever job you decide to pursue because you'll come up with solutions that other people don't see.   You are content with being you and while you like having friends, I have never seen you change who you are to please them.  You are strong and smart and determined.  You like to build things and you LOVE to dance and sing to K-Love with your little sisters.  I love hearing you sing and I love to watch you play with the

To Levi, On your 8th birthday!

 Levi,  You are the kiddo that made me a boy mom.  Who knew you guys would be so darn cool.  I am so glad to be your momma - my heart is so happy today.  You are such a strong leader.  You have great ideas and I love the way you think through problems you see.  You are creative and passionate and you delight in so many things.  Lately I have seen you working on Legos and building sets more and more.  Your persistence and the way you slow down to figure out the instructions is awesome.  You don't give up easily and you are learning to ask for help when you need it.   You love to steal my phone to take pictures - often awkward selfies - or to call Grandma and Papa.  She still thinks you're awesome for calling her on Grandparent's Day.   You are so quick to help with chores or your little sisters (and brothers).  You see problems and try to solve them.  You are still my early riser - often awake before I am (and I get up at 6:30!).  You help with the dishwasher every morning a