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Homeschool Update

So I am thinking all things homeschool lately...mainly because my husband gave me an awesome budget for next year that is allowing me to think outside the box a little bit.  We just purchased two Chromebooks for the girls to use with their school work...then I threw out the internet based curriculum I was using.  Right?  Ha!  Fortunately I got a great deal on them and one only works when it is sitting right next to the router so they are going to send me a third one for FREE!  Anyway, enough about that.  This year has been frustrating with History and Science.  The curriculum we are using is good, but it isn't capturing Grace's attention and she is young enough that I want her to really enjoy it, not just get through it.  When she has classes she HAS to take for high school credits she can worry about doing them because she has to.  Right now, we're going to enjoy it.  The curriculum we've been using is pretty dry next year as well for history and science so the plan

My Crazy Life

I recently decided I should scrap the blog and create a YouTube channel and do a Vlog instead...but ya'll KNOW my house isn't quiet enough that I could ever make that work.  Really, my problem has been that I write these blog posts in my head that are perfectly executed but never type them up instead of just using this as a journal to remember what my crazy life is like RIGHT NOW. Currently - my life is crazy.  Let's recap.  The kids are 7, 5, 3, 3, 2 and 8 months.  That's a little nuts right?  My 8 month old doesn't like to sleep and is currently a huge grump (he is teething so I don't blame him).  It's just loud and crazy and delightful and sleep deprived and all sorts of good and a little bit of hard.  Ok, sometimes a lot of hard but the good kind of hard you know?   And as another blogger often reminds me, hard is not the same as bad. Right Now: We are still doing Harvest House - in our fourth year! We are still homeschooling - Abi is almost rea