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Why I Switched...Spiral Notebooks to Charts (Homeschool)

I read a post awhile ago about using spiral notebooks to write assignments for kiddos.  The idea was by writing them down you'd have a good idea of how long their assignments would take as well as making it an easy way to have accountability for completion.  I thought this was the best idea ever so I ran with it. During her first and second grade year this was the method we used.  I ran into two problems... 1. I can't do one day at a time... I don't have the discipline to do it every night and I really like to plan so it ended up with weeks being done at a time.  2. Heaven forbid we fall behind. It was a mess.  Things were crossed off and written on the next day.  We skipped days of school to catch up in the one subject we were behind in.  The problems were silly, but they were real.  When she started third grade and I had a new first grader the prospect of trying to maintain this method with two kids seemed SO overwhelming.  I didn't think I could keep up.  I

Life Update...Rabbits, Garden, Homeschool and More!

It has been awhile since I've sat in the stillness of my early morning office to think about where we are at right now.  We are finally seeing the end of eternal winter and hopeful for what spring has to offer.  In particular, I'm looking forward to spending quality time with the kiddos this summer before the new baby arrives, a new school year starts and life returns to crazy mode.  I'm contemplating how to do this well without overwhelming myself with the pressure to make it amazing .  First things first, as of this time we have eight new additions to our family.  We bought rabbits!  It has been fun to learn about them and how to care for them.  I say as of this time very seriously because our two female breeders are pregnant and one is due to kindle (that's rabbit talk for give birth) any day now.  The other is due in a couple of weeks.  We are raising them for meat but we are learning a lot about daily chores, life and all the good things that come with caring fo