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To Abi, on your 9th birthday!

  Abi, Child of wonder.  You are amazing, do you know that?  You are such a great big sister (and little sister).  You are so creative and love to get the others involved in your games.  You work so hard at school and although you hate it (you tell me often) you do a great job.  You would so much rather be creating a game for everyone to play.  I love how your mind works so differently than mine when it comes to art and creating.  You just go for it and make what you like and it is so fun to watch and see! You had a tough school year last year but on our 8th week so far this year I am SO impressed by your effort and how far you have come.  You have really impressed me with your diligence.  I am amazed by you.  You have a fiery spirit and quite the temper sometimes, but you are learning about your emotions and how to be under control and that maturity you are developing is shining through.   You still love pineapples and now cats and pink as well.  You are just a delight and I am so tha

To Faith, on your 2nd birthday!

  Faith,  You my dear are a gem.  You are crazy adorable, you are so smart and you are a delight.  I am so thankful to be your momma!   You have figured out the baby gate that most adults can't open.  You delight in grabbing peoples' hands and leading them to what you need.  You love to laugh and are goofy as can be.  You're cheerfulness is contagious. I am so impressed with how friendly you are.  You are expressive and make sure EVERYONE knows exactly how you feel.  You are a great sleeper and it has been my joy to rock you to sleep almost every nap and bedtime since you were born.  I hope that doesn't end.  You drink your milk, snuggle down and give me the BEST smiles.  I love it.   You have just started saying "I love you"...which sounds nothing like I love you, but we both know what you mean.  You say "Aw, man" when you're disappointed which usually gets you what you want.  You like to pretend to be a dog, you sleep at night with your baby do