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To Jacob, on your 6th birthday!

Jacob! You are a rough and tumble guy!  You are definitely the biggest of your brothers and let them know it!  It is fun to watch you be big and tough but also gentle and sweet.  You love your baby sister and play well with your brothers.  You have been working so hard on school work this year and it is fun to watch things 'click' for you as you figure them out! You are loud and the lately you LOVE to sing.  Sometimes they are songs I know, sometimes made up songs...and they often come with a dance.  You are an entertainer, that is for sure and you like having attention on you. You have an awesome smile and are compassionate.  You want to help people feel better and are a gentle giant.  You also say exactly what comes to mind and have very little filter to speak of.  You see things very black and white and don't always understand the nuance of gray areas.  It can be quite funny sometimes. I love you kiddo.  You are a delight to have around and I'm thankful to wa

To Levi, on your 6th birthday!

Levi James, You are a delight.  You are such a good helper.  You are a great big brother and love to help me with Faith and the other little people.  You listen well and do good work!  You have done a great job with school this year and have been putting in great effort.  You are going to be able to read this easily VERY soon! You are generally super polite and say "yes ma'am!" quickly if I ask you to do something.  You still take a nap some days because you still seem to need it - and you are quick to let me know you're tired if you are feeling out of sorts.  You are developing a fun sense of humor (although your knock knock jokes still need some work).  You are still light enough for me to throw around, pick up and flip over...but you are strong and capable of doing lots of things!  You are brave and confident and it is so fun to watch you become who you are. I love you little man, Momma Birthday cake: Chocolate - decorated with the Flash logo! Birthday