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To Abigail, on your 8th Birthday!

Abi Ann, You are spunky.  You have so much joy and energy and you delight me.  You LOVE to play games with your brothers and sisters - especially Levi.  You like imagining, creating and building.  You are one of the most creative people I know!  You are doing a great job with school this year - I am so proud of how hard you are working!  You love Science and tolerate everything else.  It is my prayer and my hope that you continue to LOVE going to church, having great friends and being around your family.  I am starting to see more and more maturity in you.  The way you think things through and tackle obstacles.  You are more willing to try new things and you are starting to speak your mind more!  I am so grateful for you little one! Love always, Momma Cake: Chocolate on chocolate with some pink buttercream that you did yourself Birthday Dinner: Homemade Pizza Favorite Toy: Dolls and blankets still, art stuff Favorite Thing to Do: Play pretend with Levi Least Favor

To Faith, on your 1st Birthday!

Happy birthday sweet girl of mine! You are such a joy!  I am so thankful for this year with you and cannot wait to watch you continue to grow up!  You make the cutest expressions and you are finding your little voice.  You love all your siblings but especially love when Grace cares for you and Isaac entertains you.  When you feel well, you are joyful and easy going.  You spent five days in the hospital this year for breathing issues.  You also had pneumonia right before that.  You spent quite a bit of time fighting colds and other issues, none of it fun for you.  Now you are healthy and thriving and I am so excited about that! You learned to walk just a few weeks ago and are still wobbly on your feet.  You say mama and dada.  I'm pretty sure you say "hi" too because everyone said hi to you when they walked in the room at the hospital.    You spent a lot of time fighting sleep and keeping me up all night, but you sleep through the night now (thank you!) and