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Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #13

This has been quite the week - although I think I say that every week.  :)  Here is what I'm thankful for... 1. Last Friday we had well baby / well child appointments.  The doctor's office has a 2 people per family, per day policy.  I snuck in 4 the same time...on the same day.  Oops.  They might check their scheduling a little better next time around lol.  It went well.  Grace has great hearing and vision.  She and the twins apparently have allergies.  J gets to get retested for some allergies, oh the fun. 2. I've been thinking about big families and I think I've been coming across as belligerent in my thought process. I really don't want to pick fights and most of the time when people say inappropriate things I just smile and walk away.  Most of what I type out is what I think I want to say.  Now if I can just balance the two and honor Jesus we'll be all set. 3. I'm thankful for "you're super mom" comments.  Not because I dese

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #12

This has been a long week it feels like.  Not sure why - might just be the two weeks into a new baby tired but it's been a little nuts around here.  I'm so thankful for all my little people though - even when my patience level doesn't reflect it.  :) I'm thankful for... 1. ...not gaining a ton of weight.  I know, this is pretty shallow but I really struggle with not packing on the pounds post baby.  I mean, with the girls I used "I'm breastfeeding" as an excuse and with the twins it was "I HAVE TWINS.".  This time around I have been trying to be VERY aware of what I've been eating and I'm hoping my weight reflects that.  I am also super pumped to start running here in a few weeks.  I just have to figure out how I'm going to make that happen! 2. 'easy' adjustment. It really hasn't been too crazy adjusting to this little guy.  With Grace going from no kids to a kid was a game changer.  With Abi it was how do I k

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #11

Oh the things to be thankful for this week!  Last week I was writing from a hospital room.  This week I'm home surrounded by noise and my beautiful little people. Definitely quieter last week.  Definitely more fun this week :) 1. I am still so thankful for my doctors and team of people who made sure Isaac and I were taken care of.  Again, that was probably my hardest birth but I am so thankful for those that helped us through.  And of course for all the people who took care of my people while I was there. 2. I am thankful for my momma who has come by to help with the kids, make sure they are getting enough attention and help take care of me and the house. 3. I am thankful for my little man who is so far an awesome sleeper! 4. I am thankful for little moments where JJ sings and Levi dances and grins wildly while looking at me for approval and to see my joy.  I can't wait to see who they will be when they grow up! 5. I am thankful for the girls and their helpful attitu

Date Nights

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am busy on Wednesday nights.  Short of an emergency, I am unavailable.  Why?  Because it is date night.  I protect date night with the same fierceness I protect my children - because it is important. Aaron and I were talking about date night recently and I was trying to think of why it is so important to me.  I mean, sure, it's adult conversation.  It is time with the man I love.  It is a time to think and focus and plan and dream together uninterrupted.  But I think the kicker for me is that it is time to be a wife.  Just a wife.  I have no mom duties on this night (other than leaving my cell phone on for emergencies).  I can focus on my man and his dreams.  I can be the helper I was created to be.  I can speak life to my husband.  I can HEAR him without distractions.  I get to be a wife and only a wife for a few hours and it is glorious. We are headed out tonight and leaving all five kids in my parents' capable hands and I get to be

One Week Later...

Today feel almost normal.  We have already eaten breakfast, done our school work, started on chores.  Isaac is sleeping peacefully in the swing, the boys are fussing at me from the TV room and the girls are on their hundredth Easter egg hunt. Here is the key: I have EASY babies.  My babies tend to sleep well.  They tend to eat and go right back to sleep at night.  Once they are a few days old they tend to sleep well by themselves (meaning in their own beds, not on my chest).  If I had difficult babies, if they were colicky or not getting enough to eat or there were any complications, my life would not be back to "normal" at this point. Normal is relative though.  I have no plans to leave the house ever because with 5 littles it's just too hard in this newborn stage.  I also have a double stroller but no idea how I'd manage to get all three who can't be trusted to walk anywhere at this point.  I do have a baby carrier but I'm not practiced enough with that

Thankful Thursdays Top 10 #11

What a week. This has been a long but good one. I am thankful for... 1. God. Taking care of me. Trusting me with 5 beautiful babies. Loving me always. 2. My family. Seriously knowing I can call my parents anytime for help is amazing. My mom hanging with me and Aaron at the hospital all day and doing whatever she can to make things easier.  Aaron's family calling, offering to help with kids and stopping by...we are loved. 3. Friends. I have had so many visitors. Sweet thoughtful gifts. People far away offering to send pizza to the house where our kids were all day while we were at the hospital. Care packages. Taking on 9 kids for what was at least 9 hours. Love. 4. My husband who is my rock in child birth. 5. The doctors and nurses who helped me through this one. 6. My MoMs who are so supportive and encouraging!! 7. My sweet, calm little man. 8. Have I said my people yet because man, have they all come through for me in all this! 9. Grace for myself in hard life

Isaac's Birth Story

Isaac Louis, 7lb 15oz; 21.5in Born at 3:06pm on March 31, 2015 40 +3 On March 30th I went to bed really hoping that Isaac would choose to be born soon.  I really was having a hard time being patient with God's timing even though I knew that was best. At 3:15am I got up to use the restroom and my water broke. I waited a bit to make sure that was what was going on then told Aaron we needed to head into the hospital.  Amniotic fluid is usually clear but mine was not so I was a bit concerned. When we got to the hospital they put us in triage, monitored the baby and checked everything out. He had a bowel movement which accounted for the strange color fluid. The nurse assured me while not ideal this was not super uncommon and while he would most likely be absolutely fine, NICU would be present for his birth to make sure he was. The problem was that if he had ingested any if this it could cause an infection so they were on standby to suction him if needed. We were moved t