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To Grace, on your 11th birthday!

  Grace,  You are a delight.  You are so fun to spend time with.  I have enjoyed watching you mature in your thinking and acting and have loved to see that our relationship is beginning some of the "come alongside each other" things that I think will have long time benefits.  (That being said, I'm still the mom and you're still the kid!)   You are a huge help with your brothers and sisters and like to be in charge.  You are excited about the day you can babysit, stay home alone and DRIVE!  You have offered many times to pay if I'll go pick up lunch for everyone :)  You still take care of the rabbits every day and do such a good job being responsible for them.  Pretty soon we'll be able to hand over the whole operation!  You are at an awkward age where sometimes you want to be a grown up and other times you want to play like a kid.  Watching you navigate that, choose between the two, and balance your time has been interesting to watch.  I'm not ready for yo

To Timothy, on your 4th birthday!

  Timothy,  You my sweet boy are a crazy little four year old.  You have the BIGGEST grin and go from completely calm to completely amped faster than anyone I've seen.  You still like to cuddle up with me, you give the best kisses and you are more compassionate than most four year olds I've met. You LOVE dinosaurs.  You're obsessed.  You spent 15 minutes reminding me of some 70 dinosaur names the other day.  This also tells me you are smart, so smart!  The words you say and things you remember about each one is impressive.  When asked, you'll tell me you want to be a paleontologist and that I will come see you at the museum one day where you are putting together dinosaur bones. Currently you take naps in my bed because you don't settle down with your brothers in your room.  It is a sweet time and sometimes you ask me to hold you.  Generally you bring a dinosaur or two and your dad has been stabbed in the back with them on multiple occasions. You are a delight.  You