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Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #1

It is time to bring back Thankful Thursdays.  I am not unthankful, but writing things down always makes it more memorable and is a beautiful marker to look back on.  Here goes... I'm thankful for... 1. Chili for dinner because it is pre-made and all I have to do is make sure it is warm or done by dinner time. 2. Kids that are hilarious.  Especially the wee ones that also are crazy makers :)  I love their little personalities. 3. The quiet time tablets provide so I can make dinner (or in this case type this list since dinner is already made) 4. Friends who are always around to push me in the right direction. 5. Practice having the hard conversations and knowing that God's grace is for me too. 6. "Daddy night" - aka Mom gets to leave the house ALONE night!  This is great for my OCD self to plan and re-plan homeschooling from now until all eternity.  Seriously, I have no business considering high school curricula yet. 7. Peace that comes even when things

Baby #8

I wasn't going to post this - but in case anyone wonders if life matters at a teeny tiny, pre-heartbeat level, it does.   1/24/19 Dear Baby #8, How clinical that sounds.  Like your little life is just a number.  Truth is you are a tiny little bean right now and we don't know if you are a boy or a girl so for now that will have to work.  Think of it more as a testament to joining a family that is overflowing with people to love you.  It's loud here too. January 16th your Daddy and I were running some errands, out and about.  I told him there was a chance I may have you inside of me.  He went to two different stores so I could run in for a pregnancy test while the other seven waited in the car with him.  My heart was beating fast, but I thought it may be a fluke. Turns out it wasn't.  I went home, snuck off to take the test and then came back to get everyone else ready for bed.  My hands were shaking a bit.  I kept sneaking away to check the results.  When I saw