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Because How We Do It Is Subject To Change

Ya'll - homeschooling has taught me two things.  1. How brilliant my kid is.  2. How undisciplined I am without a plan.  It is so easy to just skip school on days when we have other stuff going on.  I need to get over that! Fortunately she loves doing her school work so it isn't too hard to stay on track.  So since we are about mid-year, I figured it would be a good time to update what we are doing, what works and what hasn't. We are still doing the assignments written out in the spiral notebook.  The core of our classes come from (Level 1 and Year 2 Level L).  We do their History, Science, Reading (although we bought the book to do that off the computer), PE, Art, English/Writing.  We are supplementing with free McGraw-Hill workbooks I found online for Grammer, Spelling and Practice.  We are also using Mammoth Math instead of their math program.  It is working well. At the beginning of every week I set up five days for Grace in another binder.