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To My Little Ones

Hey guys, I just want you to know I love you so much.  And our house is about to get crazy with a new baby so I wanted to take a minute to make sure you knew that I loved you and how crazy I am about each of YOU!  In the next few months I might seem really busy, or tired or cranky...but know I love you and soon we'll be back to normal - whatever that might look like for us. Grace - I am so proud of you kiddo.  You are such an amazing helper for me and I love how you help with chores so willingly and happily.  Today your idea of fun was washing the windows for me.  I pray that your servant spirit continues and that you just bless people by your willingness to love them in practical ways.  You also unloaded the entire dishwasher this morning and got out everything I needed to make breakfast.  Thank you again for helping, but more importantly for reminding me that you are watching - you watch what I do, how I serve and my cheerfulness is also often reflected in your cheerfulnes

Thankful Thursdays 2015 #10

This has been a crazy week.  My to do list is usually a challenge but this week it was just mocking me.  And I'm failing at the no sugar thing.  And ya know what, I'm acknowledging it needs to get better but not beating myself up over it.  It is what it is. I'm thankful for... 1. kiddos who play well together. 2. a great routine that we are currently settled into and frankly, I think will still work when this baby boy arrives. 3. long talks with my husband about all sorts of things. 4. the realization that my best might not be good enough for others and there is nothing I can do about that. 5. warmer weather and the phrase "go play outside"  (See also warmer weather and the phrase "you don't need a coat") 6. big kid shoes for my boys.  Between what I found for them in my bins and at the thrift store I have sneakers for them for $1.50.  Can't really beat that. 7. a new budget system (read: challenge accepted) 8. quality time with

Going Out or Staying In

Today I considered taking the girls to an art class nearby and then possibly running into Target (running being relative with all 4 kiddos) to buy baby a "coming home" outfit.  I figured he deserves something new for that.  Then I looked up and realized all the hairs that would need done, all the shoes and socks and coats that we would have to dig out and of course the inevitable loading and unloading and reloading and unloading and reloading and unloading of the car.  So we stayed home. The boys colored for the first time.  Jacob couldn't decide if the crayons were better for drawing or drumming.  Levi just wanted to hold them all.  He made a few dots on the paper but wasn't super interested.  I think only two large bites of crayons were taken and maybe a few nibbles here and there. Then we got out the play-dough and squished and smushed it for a bit.  I think no play-dough was eaten today :)  I don't love messes or the big production it takes for these thing

Thankful Thursdays 2015 #9

I realize I'm a couple days late.  We have been sick again here so doing my best to stay on top of things and stay rested.  :) 1. I am thankful all the kids are currently healthy again and paying that they stay this way. I don't want to clean any more puke.  Side note: super thankful grace seems to have mastered puking in the toilet :) 2. I am thankful for extra rest this week. I may have taken the two hour nap yesterday. 3. I am thankful for a good doctors appointment yesterday. Baby is head down but it could still be the full 3 weeks or longer until he decides to show up. 4. I am so thankful for friends to take care of me and send me random surprises. 5. I'm thankful for a break from teaching Sunday school. I love it, but my body is ready to rest. 6. I'm thankful for playdough and coloring time with all of my kids today. 7. I am thankful for time out last night and random errands to run. 8. I am thankful for playdough, crayons and oth

Preparing, Prepping, Panicking?

I am officially less than four weeks from my due date.  Isaac has given no indication he would like to come early so I'm going with six weeks still and an April birthday just so I don't get too anxious as the due date approaches.  They are just guesses anyway :)  I have my hospital bag started and of course because I was working on mine the girls both packed overnight bags for themselves so that they'd be ready if they need to be when it was time.  We'll see.  I think I get more stressed about calling people in to help with the kiddos than I do going to have a baby :)  Ah well, since I don't know when he is coming, there is only so much prep work I can do.  Our pack and play is ready for him and the clothes are out and ready.  I do need to go buy diapers and formula and some of those basic supplies.  I'll get there one of these days :)  In the meantime I need to buy the twins and Abi diapers because yes, I'll have four in diapers at least until Abi potty t