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To Abi, on your 11th birthday!

 Abi Ann, Oh my sweet girl, happy birthday.  You are such a delight and it has been so fun to watch you blossom into an amazing young lady.  You are, by far, the quietest kiddo we have.  You don't talk a lot so when you do I try to make sure I am paying attention.  I have been so impressed with you this school year too.  You are so excited about science and always want to work ahead.  You are also working independently on English and math and it's been fun to watch you thrive. You are gentle and kind with a streak of intense.  You look out for an take care of your siblings and people around you, but if someone messes with them (or they mess with you!) you will defend.  You are super creative and constantly working on new sewing or creative projects. One of your favorite things to do, still, is go to the river with Dad.  I have also watched you become more involved with the garden this year - picking beans, noticing things about plants, and asking good questions.  It's fun t

To Faith, on your 4th Birthday!

 Faith Lorraine, You are such a sweet kid.  Your name will always be a testament to how you came into this world, but I hope it will be a testament to who you are in the future too.  You are sweet, funny, sassy, and confident.  You are not afraid of people unless you are being shy.  You LOVE Abi and all your brothers and sisters.  I think you like sharing a room with Rachel because you are the big kid in there! You love to play with dolls, especially the stuffed dog you received for Christmas.  You like to color although you still can't be trusted completely to not color on yourself.  You love with the big girls paint your nails or take time to do your hair special. You can hold your own with the boys and are often at the center of all the action.  You like to remind us all that God made me, God loves me, and Jesus is my friend.  You are just a joy, my love and I am so glad to be your momma!  It is such a privileged and I can't wait to learn more about who you are going to be!