To Tim, on your 7th Birthday!



 How are you seven already?  It amazes me how fast time goes and you are my littlest boy.  Goodness.  Your smile lights up every room you are in.  You have so much personality and people are always telling me how sweet you are and how thoughtful you are.  I see it.  You will still get in my lap and sit with me.  You give hugs like they are the best thing ever.  You are a delight.

 You have so much spunk in you sometimes it is hard to reign it in.  You know what you want and go for it.  You love to share a room with Isaac and don't like being by yourself at night or at rest time.  You love to build Legos - both out of kits and of your own imagination!  It's so fun to watch.  

You are starting to learn the value of money and ask me to buy stuff all the time!  It's fun to watch you try to figure out how to earn money to get what you want - usually Legos. :)

 You delight me and I love to watch your personality continue to grow!



Favorite Toys: Legos

Favorite Thing to Play: You love to make up games!

Least Favorite Thing: Eating dinner :)



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