To Levi, on your 10th Birthday!


This was a big year!  You turned 10!  That meant a birthday trip with dad and you guys went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  You guys did a mirror maze, rode the big ferris wheel, and bought SWORDS!  You guys carried those swords to the top of the mountain which I think was pretty incredible!  I know it was fun time with your dad, but I wish I could have been there!

You are getting braces this year and handling that like a champion.  It'll take some getting used to, but I know you'll adjust.  You love to read and are obsessed with Wingfeather Saga (which Grandma got you for your birthday).  You still love Legos and come up with some really creative builds.  I'm always so impressed.  For your birthday I redid your bedroom and added some display shelves for your Lego creations.

You are both a night owl and early riser and I never feel like you get enough sleep.  You are finishing up a cross stitch project that I can't wait to see you finish and I love how you've stuck with it.

I'm praying God keeps growing your character, your tenderness toward others, and your joy in life!

Love you,

Birthday cake: chocolate

Birthday Dinner: pizza

Favorite Toys: Legos

Favorite Thing to Play: you've been happy to be included in family card night!

Least Favorite Thing: Going to sleep!


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