To Jacob, on your 10th birthday!



This was a big year!  You turned 10!  That meant a birthday trip with dad and you guys went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  You guys did a mirror maze, rode the big ferris wheel, and bought SWORDS!  You guys carried those swords to the top of the mountain which I think was pretty incredible!  I know it was fun time with your dad, but I wish I could have been there!

For your birthday I redid your bedroom and added some display shelves for your Lego creations.  I also added a bulletin board and dry erase board.  Grandma, Abi, and Grace helped me!  It was a surprise when you got home from your trip and I hope you love it!

You are turning into such a helpful young man.  You do the things I ask quickly and cheerfully.  It is helpful to to me and your dad.  I appreciate the way you serve your family.  You also really like to mop which delights me! :)

You are learning how to read a room so much better.  You are thoughtful in listening to our instruction and I think you are growing leaps and bounds in maturity.  You have developed an interest in Rubiks Cubes and basically taught yourself how to solve them with YouTube videos.  I am SO impressed!  Your brain works in ways mine doesn't and it delights me!

Love you,

Birthday cake: crepes

Birthday Dinner: spaghetti

Favorite Toys: Legos and Rubiks Cubes

Favorite Thing to Play: you've been happy to be included in family card night!

Least Favorite Thing: When things seem unfair



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