To Faith, on your 5th birthday!



 You are SO excited about turning five!  Your morning started with helium balloons in your bedroom thanks to your Dad.  Then we had coco puffs and lucky charms.  For a minute you believed that I forgot to make you a birthday cake, but my friend Christina made you the coolest unicorn cake.  You were delighted!

 You have changed so much in the past year.  You are fiesty and independent but still love to give hugs and kisses.  You play hard, love hard, and desperately want to be one of the big kids.  I think though, you are still ok with some of the extra attention and privileges that being little gets you. 

Daddy took you to get your ears pierced - you picked out little diamond earrings and they are adorable!  You are so excited and I was surprised that you were so excited to go!  

 I am so excited to see how you are getting so big and just enjoying life!  Keep it up princess!


Birthday cake: Unicorn cake!

Birthday Dinner: pizza

Favorite Toys: coloring and playing with brothers

Favorite Thing to Play: anything with siblings 

Least Favorite Thing: cleaning your room :)


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